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YOU can experience peace and freedom in your life, regardless of the challenges you face. If this sounds like the impossible - something that might be true for someone else but certainly not for you - then this information is exactly what you're looking for. Allowing will work for anybody ready and willing. I was not a candidate for success and it saved me.


Lack of Trust


Curing the Incurable
Giving Up

Life Unfair
Never Enough
Nobody There for Me
Can’t Get Ahead
Being Poor


holly-riley-portrait-01.jpgDiscover How to Let Life Love You

With Allowing  you recover creative energy from places never considered. The only thing needed is your willingness. The energy so long spent on fighting a reality becomes free to redirect toward choices. Self sabotage is unraveled by approaching  patterns aware of the mechanics of resistance. As resistance is identified and honestly owned the trap is unmistakeable. The Catch & Release process guides you to let go of the pain you have been unable to free yourself from.

With the release people often report not realizing how closed they have been usually a strategy they employed to avoid pain. As the process is explored they come alive in a beautiful way happy to open and allow nurturing in. Healing becomes possible, kindness replaces blame, and  taking responsibility for what they feel inside becomes their passion. The liberation felt with one successful Catch & Release speaks for itself.

The steps are easy to use with children , friends , and partners. The authentic connection that occurs as we guide another restores our faith in humanity and renews our sense of purpose. As you employ the 3rd step of the process and genuinely cultivate a sensation you prefer you'll remember what you're capable of and as you open and feel this goodness in yourself... it becomes natural to see it in others.  



  • I don’t have to live my life feeling ‘wrong’. I am finally in a kind relationship with myself.
    – Kahlil Johnson
  • Catch & Release is profound for me when it comes to letting go of suffering.
    – Katie Hanlon
  • Practicing Catch & Release is amazing. It is changing my life and I plan for it to continue changing my life forever!
    – Lucy Isbell, Artist
  • I love these tools and I wish for my family, children, and friends to have them because it is life changing.
    – Linda Kavaltchouk
  • The peace this series has brought to my life is so profound I want to share it with the world.
    – Randi Bennett, Escrow officer
  • We think we are our thoughts and I would like people to see that this just isn’t true. Thank you!
    – Mary Guerra
  • Allowing is a compelling true story about courage & miracles... I could not put it down.
    – Robert Kirby MA, MBA, BS Director Core Energetics Institute, Australia
  • No matter who we are, we each benefit from each Catch & Release. Learning to feel and trust our own presence is life changing. Everyone needs this.
    – Lisa DiFrancesco
  • I see how my mind has been hindering my joy, health, and peace. I have a choice by using Catch & Release to let go of the debilitating ones and help my self.
    – Julie Alukas
  • You have helped me find a place in LIFE! I will be much more filled with understanding and compassion as a result.
    – Herbert Tasker, CEO & Chairman Mason McDuffie Mortgage
  • Holly's ability to inspire... her allowance of all that is... her commitment to live in the frequency of love is truly transforming.
    – Brenda Michaels, Host Conscious Talk Radio

This collection of meditations will guide you to open so you can begin receiving in your life. The difference between being open and shutting down will become very clear and remind you… life can’t give you anything unless you’re willing to receive. With this awareness one’s ability to manifest blooms.

This is a digital download of 5 MP3 audio files that can be added to your computer’s music library (iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc) or exported to a portable MP3 player. 


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